About Me

Ryan. “Scooby”

I am a professional horse racing bettor, who is passionate both about the sport and the ability to potentially make a long term profit from it.

I have spent 16 years studying the sport, and I hold a 10 year extensive profitable record of betting and analysis that I originally was providing for free.

With the impending source of funds being required by bookmakers to place bets, I decided to turn this content in to a business with the potential Goal being to provide a Long-Term source of income for both myself and Members.

While outside of the financial aspect, the content alone should provide knowledge and good value for money in its own right.

In being a little more personal to my own situation….

Now anyone can have their own opinion, but i would rate my own judgement on racing and betting very highly, but why I’m as good as I know that I am, wouldnt be the normal route I’d have thought.

I have always had very bad anxiety in person and whether that translates across to online etc.. I’m not sure.. This is mainly because i have for many years had a condition called panic disorder and had always suffered with random panic attacks for no reason. Its now very rare that I do get them, however only because I stick in a very regimented routine, and when I differ from that, i get the signs regularly, but i act when I feel that coming on. I’ll just go back to my work in either watching replays, reading form, live racing etc.. or my other hobby in watching boxing or related news / interviews, and eventually that feeling will go away as im busy doing something that interests me which eventually leads to me forget about what I’m panicking about at all.

Due to this, somewhat by accident, i end up spending extra time, and what ammounts to an absolutely ridiculous amount of time on a daily, weekly, yearly basis, since I have been 15 years old.. so for 16 years in total, and for the last 8 or so of them, id use that time very efficiently in terms of what im looking at, so I’m getting though an awful lot of good quality work, and noticing a few things that others wouldn’t have the time to notice. Now for that earlier part iv had “normal” jobs, however its really not for me in terms of both the lack of time available to do what i enjoy, and the fact that I’m anxious around people in person that I don’t know. So i basically wanted to get home to spend time with my family and work for myself, and the only way for me to do that, was to get in that position financially through betting.

My advantage is probably that it isn’t a chore, and I genuinely really enjoy the time that I spend while working on potential future bets, I arguably don’t work as hard as other people because in matter of fact, I’m not particularly working, I’m just doing what’s I enjoy, i get lost in the time whats a necessity for me to use, to stay happy and have no issues.

Now everyone that I know finds it unusual/ amusing that for 2 examples, I can panic about the absolute slightest thing, but I’m betting to stakes that are very comfortable and responsible for me, however would seem crazy to anyone that wouldn’t have the knowledge of racing and betting. Within this, i wouldnt panic in the absolute slightest while watching a race iv had a sizeable bet in. I’d be the polar opposite, and relaxed as anything, win or lose. I’m also very anxious in a resteraunt of a couple of random people, but before i had a child and was able to go, i would have no issue going to the likes of the Cheltenham Festival absolutely surrounded by countess others, because im not thinking about that, I’m busy just fully focused on the racing itself.

The reasoning for not being anxious while watching a bet is because I spend an absolutely ridiculous time as above, and I use that time very well, so win or lose, i deffinately wouldnt always be right, but id be confident that almost absolutely every bet is the right one, to a level that I’ll know when I’m wrong, its just the right price to take the chance. In others where I’m particularly confident, I’ll highly question whether the horse has ran his race if it hasn’t gone the way which I’m expecting, and it’s quite often the case that something comes to light. That’s why id also be selective in bets either Ante-post or day to day, as I wouldn’t be backing horses that I’m not confident in, I’d be fine just waiting for another opportunity, as I know I’m going to be doing the work again shortly anyway, and opportunities come all the time when you spend as much time as I do in a productive way, and notice the smallest things.

I’d be very passionate and you could argue it could sound somewhat argumentative when someone would 2nd guess something I’m particularly confident in, however that’s only because I have done all of the work and genuinely think I’m right, and I have to be right more often than not or I’d have to go and get a job a few years or so down the line which I’m not willing or arguably able to go and do. A job working for someone else without the time for me to do what I enjoy leads me down a path of getting unwell, very quickly. So again, I have to have done the work, so that i strongly feel I’m right, and in turn, often will be.

I hardly bet at all day to day between october and april, with all the focus on Ante-post, and straight after chelt 3 years ago, i could no longer get on any bets online due to having no taxable income at the time, and having made the sort of money over years to make it viable, I thought I’d have a go at “retiring” and having a break for what I thought at the time would be atleast 5 or 10 years, and perhaps id probably be fine, but after about 6 weeks of not doing the work that I usually do, and watching the start of the flat season without having a very good idea of all the 2yo’s etc.. it quickly turned to a place that I’m not comfortable being in, and I realised that it’s not just the money that makes me comfortable, it’s the purpose of what you could call me “working”.

So i opened this site, to give me a taxable income to get a few online bets on, to put any post tax money earned towards my sons future, and to give me a purpose of working day to day. While im working for myself, and in fact for members of my site and subscriptions, I’m staking to a responsible level for my bank of many years betting, I obviously enjoy it and my health is absolutely fine. Although if you could see, I’d seem to be working a ridiculous ammount of hours to any normal person, you could also argue that I’m not working at all, I’m just spending all my time as I wish to do so, and in turn having no issues with my anxiety.

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