2024 Services.

please do not purchase any memberships before April 6th…

Just to note, I’d assume it’s all fine with numbers for next season by the ammount of people who have asked me etc.. I’m just fully focused on this year’s chelt atm which im expecting to go well. I have yet to look in great detail at in goings and outgoings in terms of on site, which I’ll do in the period between the end of chelt and April, to entirely confirm next season.

Next seasons price points would be as follows……

Ultimate membership… absolutely everything, all year round (April-April), including the NH, the whole flat season with the Daily Bets and Royal Ascot Ante-post) £499.99

Chelt 2024 Antepost service £324.99 (with Aintree and punchestown Race cards)

There will be no deposit.

(Those that have paid monthly before are welcome to continue do so)

Memberships are on a first come first serve basis, with current members obviously being a priority in that regard.

In terms of recommendations, if you wanted to  stick around for the flat season, even if only to attempt to build a chelt bank, then I would plug and highly recommend  the ultimate service which there is obviously no obligation to join. The Chelt Ante-post service as stand alone is ofcourse available if you like to have an extended break, day to day, until the start of the NH season, but again, I don’t think you’d be dissapointed with the value for money to add in the flat. As youll see in that thread, I’m not targetting the early price with obvious horses.

I will be adding Chelt roll ups during the Flat season, to make use of some solid shorter priced horses that I don’t put up in the daily bets, or in Chelt Antepost, but i do back heavily myself in singles. I have fully tested this over 7 years in my own betting, so I see no issues there.

With the chelt Ante-post service, I see the opportunity to start much earlier and we will be doing just that, with some race cards and chelt bets at Aintree and Punchestown. I haven’t done that previously as there was a big conflict of interest around on the day bets with the daily bets, however i have removed that by making Aintree and punchestown race cards as part of the subscription.

If for what ever reason, I somehow all of a sudden struggled for numbers, then that would be very surprising, however I would absolutely in that single case close the service,  and just go back to betting solely by myself without writing down and sharing my insight or selections.

Likewise, I’d expect the ultimate membership to be extremely popular with the quality and value for money that the daily bets has been.. but if for some reason the Chelt Ante-post was far more popular, then I’d just scrap the ultimate option and bet myself day to day through the flat season, without it being  part of the site. Again, knowing the daily bets as a service, imo this would be very unlikely, but just to put it out there transparently if it happened to randomly be the case.

With Chelt Ante-Post I have a good few things wrote down in my notes, and I’d be firing on all cylinders to provide the best hand I can going in to the 2024 Festival. There are already some nice looking recruits for the season ahead that i will be looking to get on side, while I’ll also be looking closely at horses running at both the Aintree and punchestown festivals, for some selective early bets.

Aintree and punchestown are on the horizon and all Members will have race cards with selections for the meetings on the day, while as mentioned, I’ll deffinately be looking to add a few bets around those meetings for chelt 2024 Antepost.

The daily bets has ran at an extremely solid ROI and profit every season to date. I have done an awful lot of work around 2yo and 3yos ready for the season ahead. I’d be very hopeful that I’ll be firing in winners and hopefuly building a chelt bank once the season is properly away.

Royal Ascot Antepost was very solid last season, and I found it fairly easy to find some nice priced winners from limited selections. I’ll be looking for the same again, however if the opportunity arises to start a shade earlier and to have a couple more selections, then that would be fine with me. We bagged the oaks winner last season and obviously I’ll be soon starting to look ahead at the classics.

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