The Weeks Ahead.

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The weeks ahead…

If you wasn’t a chelt member last season, This is where we will be noting future entries for horses of interest, who may become Cheltenham bets, and reviewing after they have ran.

This will be the main hub of the Chelt Service.
There will be selections in here, which will be notified of, likewise any injurys that I am privately made aware of.

I will endeavour to do my very best in adding in the entries of horses that I feel are of interest Before they have ran.
Very little will get past us without us knowing about it beforehand.

We will not add entries for the sole purpose of content. So if I haven’t added an entry of a particular horse, rest assured, that I will have seen it, I have just decided that it is not of interest for us at the time. 

In the case we have missed something, that upon running, does then become of interest, I will simply note, and add a review of that race to this thread afterwards. 

A few things to note…

Although not mandatory, Please try to use cashout via bet 365 or paddy power, as a preference on YOUR OWN personal bets, I would advise that you place a very small token bet, to test the cash out levels prior to putting your full stake on, and use the one with the higher cashout level.

As well as helping you, if your so lucky to be able to have most of your stake returned upon injury, it will also help me in any decision making, should you decide to send me a copy of your own personal bets before the various declaration stages.

Please take note of the various declaration and NRNB stages.
I will take care of OUR bets,
However The decs can be carnage for non runners on your personal bets, and I have no issue going through these along side you.
I have no bias towards or against your own selections, good or bad, or interest in your staking value.
I just simply want to scan for Non Runners, and cut losses to a minimum for you before final decs.

Those that availed of this last season will know they saved a good few quid here, and in some cases, even more than their membership fee.

Please note that I am personally contactable 24/7. Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I have no issues in giving my personal opinion on any personal bets you are considering.

I have no problem in being selective and giving my opinion on where I think you should be Narrowing down your personal selections nearer the time, In cases where I think you may have backed too many in a single race.

I also want to give you outstanding value for money and ultimately for you to choose to retain your membership. Therefore I have absolutely no problem in providing any additional content you would like to see, as long as that request is reasonable and with sufficient notice.

Ofcourse, there is no obligation to contact me personally, if you do not wish to, please Feel free to use the service however you wish.

Although the Chelt service is a businesses and my job, it is also a passion that I thoroughly enjoy, with the results themself forming a considerable part of my income.
So please feel assured that i will give you my upmost effort, and leave no stone unturned. Therefore both members of our site and myself, will have the best possible chance of turning a profit, come the end of the Festival.

Thankyou for becoming a member!

(Please note this thread will go private prior to our first notable entries.)

No sharing of premium content.

The content is for your own use and sharing  it wouldn’t be fair on the other members, and I reserve the right to cancel anyone’s membership, if I suspect they are sharing the content in any form.

If you have any problems, questions or feedback about my Advisory Service, you can email me on


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