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April 1st. Just to follow up that all the feedback below has been taken on board and has now been implemented.

I have pretty much got the handle of the technology side, which is something that I have spent a lot of time on; improving the lay out,  learning how to do things more efficiently, accounting, documents and paperwork…. of course. Shortly I will need to learn how to archive, due to the number of requests of would be new members/renewals for next season, and the fact that I want to keep numbers to a very similar manageable level (I will trial +5), win or lose at Cheltenham, I WILL 100% BE CONTINUING THIS SERVICE and making natural progression of the content. 

I have invested a lot of time and money into this service, and will 100% continue to do so and long into the future, investing further to build this site, the results and content, which is the part I enjoy. With the above technological part learnt, the quality and amount of content is where the huge majority of my time will now be spent.

Throughout the year, I have been noting some areas that I feel need improvement – some very minor and some more notable. Also things that I feel are worthwhile adding.

Regardless of whether any Cheltenham members would like to re-join or not, but in particular, if anyone didn’t for any reason want to re-join,  if they would like to kindly leave me any feedback, PRIVATELY, that would be much appreciated. I will not take offense, even to criticism.

Ultimately, this is a results business (obviously), however I’m not focusing on results for this part,  as I’m personally well aware that regardless of any short term results, good or bad, I have the utmost confidence that I will be profitable long term, that bit doesn’t bother me one bit.  As myself and others know what I have personally achieved over many years to put myself and others in a fortunate stress free situation.

A few things I have been wondering…

Is it better to notify beforehand and put the selection out later at a set time with a potential shorter price, or to put it out there straight away?

Is Twitter the preferred notification?
I have a few email guys/girls that rarely use Twitter. I have the top G suite business account that I recently purchased, with the intention to look into how I can email all at once, without CC for data protection purposes. It’s probably very easy to do on the account I have, and there are a ridiculous amount of features that I do not use, so I will look into it. It’s just something I’ve never done before and one of the few things left to learn in my own time. There’s no reason I can’t do both notifications simultaneously once I have learnt the email side.

Other things I have noted to improve upon regardless of results –

For Cheltenham I will start earlier

I have a set an antepost price point of not under 4/1 that I will not budge on. It’s now my job to find any that will go under that price before the start of the jumps season, if I think they are the likely winner, rather than starting where I can’t put up.  I have adjusted the start date to combat this, and kept the price point the same.

I will simply add the Date when the selection is put up for further reference, and archives, same with daily.

On both the Daily and Cheltenham, I have often waited until I can get on myself, as I have just the 1 online account left, that price up very late, and the unusual situation of shops being shut. That has on numerous occasions lead me to miss a price for the service, and fairly often a selection all together where the price has gone.
I’m well aware of this, have accepted that I can no longer get on, hence the investment both financially and physically in this site, and will therefore put up ASAP and worry about myself later.   Assuming shops will be open, then I will have no issue getting on myself anyway, but that’s secondary. 

Would Reviews of daily bets win or lose interest people? 
Often there’s reasoning that I see, but I don’t know if it would interest others, and not wanting to look like I’m providing excuses. Alternatively, we may have got fairly lucky, or a horse may have found their mark/grade and be of no future interest.

More detailed reviews of horses I like for Cheltenham that we are backing.

I often forget to write down in great detail, as in my head it seems obvious and may bore people being long winded – I’m not sure if people prefer the more detailed stuff, or shorter and straight to the point?

Would it be of interest for more detailed reviews of Cheltenham horses if its horses I don’t like?  That have just ran, and explain why?

I literally know every horse. I watch every race Class 5 and above, either live or replays. I spot things that I don’t like, and never mention this as they are not of interest, as we are looking for potential winners, and good runs for our money. I do this with the bigger names in the horses to avoid, but there are loads of smaller names that I have detailed opinions on. I’m unaware if this is of interest, but I will do this extensively and religiously in what will be the members’ horses to avoid. If one person finds it useful then I have done my job there.

The National Hunt Antepost thread is obviously in profit. There haven’t been many selections (2), with abandonments and ground conditions making Antepost more dangerous than usual, but I wanted to make sure I put a decent priced winner in there, win only, which was sorted out nicely.

That thread, the flat version, will be used much more often, and ran in conjunction with the daily bets, starting from the flat season. With daily members and ultimate/ultimate monthly members having access to that.

And finally, I’m contacted by numerous people on twitter privately on a day to day basis, and more than happy to discuss any horses/bets where I always try to reply promptly. I just wanted to note and make sure that the email only guys/girls are aware of this, and know they are more than welcome to contact me via the business email, no matter how small or large the question 24/7

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