Monthly Option for Festival Services

I have had a lot of requests for monthly options from would be new members to the services, and after acquiring feed back, I have been advised to come up with the following –

My personal preference is for full payment. This is for my own ease of book keeping. It is also more cost effective long term. However, I am willing to accommodate and trial a monthly Festival service membership, starting with the Ultimate Membership Monthly.

As long as this goes smoothly, other options can be available monthly in the future.

Please note that due to the nature of spreading the annual fees to monthly, this will have to start prior to the first day of Cheltenham Festival 2021 at the latest, and be for a full term of 12 months.

(This is not the case for full payment which is not available for payment via the site until April 6th. The reason for this is because I’m currently paying 40% Income Tax, 8% National Insurance plus 5.2% combined transaction/ processing fees, As this is now my sole business, it would be advantageous for me to take payment once my Personal Allowance has refreshed, rather than lose over half the membership fee immediately, So full payment for existing members who wish to renew the Cheltenham service, or join the NH/Ultimate 2022 Memberships can start from the 1st day of Cheltenham Festival 2021. I will be opening a Cheltenham Festival 2022 antepost thread, where we may make antepost bets at Cheltenham early for the next year ahead. Temporary passwords for this solely, will be provided and payment delayed until April 6th, which is when I will issue new passwords to continue the service upon payment.

On Cheltenham Day 1, the Cheltenham Festival 2022 antepost bets thread will be live and bets may be advised in advance. We are in a good position as it stands for the current Festival, and I have also learned an awful lot from this season. Starting early is definitely the way forward, such as the cuts after 1 run, you have no time to let anything run once and evaluate after, as the price is now gone. I was also in the early and middle stages of the Cheltenham Service liable to wait until I can get on myself – I just can’t get on now and have accepted that (hence I have recently invested heavily in to this site), and will put up straight away, with the prospect of trying to get on myself later.

As you may also find out, there is likely more content than you are expecting in the members threads. There are more things I am looking in to, and naturally will improve upon with the content, layout and further financial investment. There will be a members horses to avoid, which will be more extensive and the free content will then switch to “the Journey from France”.

Current members will know that this season’s set up includes all entries for potential Cheltenham horses being covered, even in the event that they are not then advised, they are certainly noted beforehand. We provide reviews after they have ran, Members Horses to Follow, full extensive race cards on the big days, and with the Ultimate Membership they are available on the smaller days via request with no extra charge. Trends and Stats for those who wish to use are also included. The set up also provides The Daily Bets, which has been profitable long term, full festival previews and reviews, and I am contactable 24/7 to discuss or go through any personal bets you may have made yourself/may be looking to make, or discussion in general.

In summary, you should find absolutely everything you are looking for, right here, all in one place without any time wasting in between. If there is anything anyone feels they would like to see added, I am always happy to look into it and do so, even in the case that it is a personal and individual private request.

Please note that The MONTHLY option will NOT be available to purchase AFTER this year’s Cheltenham Festival has started.

However the Ultimate Monthly Membership will also include ALL race day cards for Cheltenham 2021 and access to all parts of the site should you sign up long-term before Cheltenham Festival 2021.

Ultimate Membership Monthly

This includes day of the race cards for Cheltenham Festival 2021, Cheltenham Festival 2022 service, Aintree 2021, Punchestown 2021, Royal Ascot 2021, the Daily Bets, and you can also choose up to 1 personal race card for any meeting every month, which I will personally email you on request. And of course I am contactable 24/7 (as I am with all services)

Any cancellation of payments in between would see me receive a notification, and personal access to the service would cease immediately. Dual access from individual passwords would see you removed immediately without refund as per the sites T&Cs with the full 12 months payment invoiced and legally binding. By signing up to the service you agree to be bound by the sites T&C’s, privacy policy, and copyright protection.

please feel free to contact me with any questions via our business email

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