What do we provide?

Scooby91horseracingtips is a website dedicated to educating punters, and giving them the tools necessary to bring their betting accounts from the Negative into the positive.

As a Professional punter I will share my knowledge, experience and passion of The Sport of Kings. Providing well informed betting tips and analysis of every aspect of the game. I will tackle everything in the sport unbiased, with a unique insight that stems from my vast experience in so many areas of betting in Thoroughbred Racing.

In the Daily bets We research to find new Angles and an edge which you can exploit, as the market adjusts to old ones. We make sure are staking plans are sensible yet set up to potentially optimise any returns.

Via are Cheltenham Festival Service we have an outstanding record of delivering not only excellent value for money with additional content and insight, but also the possibility of considerable returns on investment, with well thought out selections at the right time, to make sure that we are well ahead of the market.

98% of of punters betting on horse racing are going to lose money in the long run. That is an indisputable fact. If it was so easy everyone would be winning and there’d be no gambling markets. However skills are available to be learned, and although turning a profit is most certainly not guaranteed, it is very possible.

There are few honest services that are actually profitable over a long period of time. Here we undoubtedly provide a service with the intention of saving you time, educating are clients with insight, and ultimately trying to provide winners.

If you are already a skilled bettor we can add to your own form analysis. My service is insight and education that goes far beyond just recieving a tip. I am always available to be contacted for any advice needed, no matter how big or small.

All bets will be recorded and settled at the best price a full 5 minutes after the notification was sent, which will be with bookies on Oddschecker, after including any rule  4 deductions. No best odds guarantee offers will be taken into account, so members who avail of them will be ahead of the official target.

Our services are selective. Members getting on is important to me, and if at any stage prices are all going soon after I tip them, I will limit membership further. Each tip will be sent separately to reflect when I think is the best time to back the horse. 

All you need to do is make sure your betting bank is adequate, open as many accounts as possible so that you can avail of the best available prices, and stick to the staking plan via gambling responsibly. We will do the rest.

Please feel free to contact us via Email ryan@scooby91horseracingtips.com

or via twitter @scooby91tips


professional horse racing.

1 thought on “What do we provide?

  1. Richard Ellis says:

    Scooby, what you managed last year was phenomenal, you’ve obviously exhausted your options online or you wouldn’t be on terminals in shop .
    Whatever you do I wish you you POB LWC – GOOD LUCK if anyone deserves to succeed it’s you and I’m sure you will.
    What timescales are you looking at ?
    Best wishes Humble Pie


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