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Scooby91 horse racing tips is the Horse Racing site where as a Professional punter I will share my knowledge, experience and passion of The Sport of Kings. This is where you will find Horse Racing’s most interesting and well informed betting tips and analysis of every aspect of the game. I will tackle everything in the sport unbiased, with a unique insight that stems from my vast experience in so many areas of betting in Thoroughbred Racing.

Why do this?

98% of of punters betting on horse racing are going to lose money in the long run. That is an indisputable fact. The advice that you can do just as well with a little study is ludicrous. If it was so easy everyone would be winning and there’d be no gambling markets.

Firstly there are of course many many dodgy “tipster” services out there. On top of that there are few honest services that are actually profitable over a long period of time. So your first challenge is finding a service that will deliver honest and profitable results over a long period of time.

Why should someone sign up?

Two reasons are, to save you time and also the intention of making you money.

Basically if you are a skilled bettor it can add to your own form analysis. If you are a beginner you can simply use the “tips”.

Why would I provide a good thing?

Any serious punter knows that you have to take a long term approach to betting in Horse Racing so it’s not as if my service finds a “good thing” and makes money by setting punters up with a no lose situation.

I have a service because to me it is not just providing “tips”. My service is insight and education that goes far beyond just getting a tip. Personally I used to delete adds on twitter and keep my follower base very small so that the odds of my selections aren’t distorted. Due to now not being able to get my bets on (other than in shop on the day or on the exchange) , It doesn’t affect me to a great deal having others backing the same bets as I do.

I have extensive records of my bets over many years which have made a very healthy R.O.I.

I will now be recording that here, providing betting tips and analysis all unedited with extensive records of results and return on investment.

My goal after a reasonable period of time and a healthy R.O.I would be to turn this into a paid service.

There are many legit and profitable horse racing tipsters. The reason I will be selling them is because I am banned by all soft bookmakers and can’t get the good odds on the early betting markets. Another option is to distribute some cash in offline shops (if there are any in your area ), but as I have unfortunately found out, these also shoot down the sharp clients very fast.

Thankyou for your time.

1 thought on “Information

  1. Richard Ellis says:

    Scooby, what you managed last year was phenomenal, you’ve obviously exhausted your options online or you wouldn’t be on terminals in shop .
    Whatever you do I wish you you POB LWC – GOOD LUCK if anyone deserves to succeed it’s you and I’m sure you will.
    What timescales are you looking at ?
    Best wishes Humble Pie


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